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A margin plan is a discretionary technique for bookkeeping which permits you to compute VAT on the quality you add to the products you offer, as opposed to on the full offering cost.

There are three margin schemes for products:  The Margin Scheme for second-hand products, masterpieces, collectibles and authorities’ things (alluded to all through this notification as the Margin Scheme)  Global Accounting  The VAT Auctioneers’ Scheme

Why might I need to utilize a margin plan?

Utilizing a margin plan will lessen the VAT you need to pay on the off chance that you offer:  Second-hand products  Works of workmanship  Antiques  Collectors’ things

Utilizing a margin plan permits you to represent VAT on the distinction between the value you paid at a thing and the cost you sold it for. On the off chance that you offer a thing for short of what you paid for it, you won’t have any VAT to represent on the deal.

Conditions for utilizing the schemes

In the event that you do choose to utilize one, there are various conditions you will need to meet. On the off chance that you can’t meet every one of the conditions, you can’t utilize the plan. The point by point conditions are clarified all through this notification. The primary ones are:  The products must be qualified  You more likely than not gained the merchandise in qualified circumstances. By and large, this implies you got the merchandise for resale in circumstances where you couldn’t assert any VAT back  You must compute the margin as per the tenets of the plan. There are uncommon guidelines about how to figure your purchasing value; you’re offering cost and your margin under the schemes. The margin you figure under the plan may not be the same as your net revenue  CYou must meet the record keeping tenets of the plan. There are unique guidelines about invoicing and stock records

Why are the conditions so strict?

The conditions about qualification of merchandise are strict to guarantee that:  Only those merchandise which the law grants, and   On which there was no VAT to recuperate

The conditions about record keeping and invoicing are strict on the grounds that, to exploit the monetary advantage of utilizing a margin plan, you should have the capacity to give us clear confirmation of the margins you have accomplished.

Which classes of products would I be able to offer under the margin schemes?

Second-hand products

The legitimate meaning of second-hand products is merchandise which is appropriate for further use as they seem to be, or after repair. As a rule, merchandise which is second-turn in the conventional use of the term will be qualified for the margin schemes.  Centerpieces

The lawful meaning of masterpieces incorporates pictures, depictions, compositions and drawings executed by hand by the craftsman. Make things and things delivered in a specialized or modern setting may not be qualified to be sold under the margin schemes.

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