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ACCOUNTING is the way of measuring the finance & economics activities of a company or an organization.  Accounting in any organization which we can also say that the business language of the organization, helps in measuring the financial & economics information which is very useful the users such as investors, managers, regulators etc.

Accounting can be divided into some major categories i.e: financial accounting, auditing, tax accounting, management accounting, charity accounting, bookkeeping etc. Accounting software are specially designed to support the accounting department of a company or an organization. Financial accounting of an organization helps in managing the financial information of an organization and financial statements that is helpful for the investors, suppliers, regulators etc. Management accounting is usually done for the measurement and reporting of the internal management of the organization. The complete information of the financial transactions of an organization that is helpful in making financial reports of the organization is termed as bookkeeping.

Accounting services is usually offered by the accounting organizations i.e: accounting firms, professional bodies etc. Financial statement of the organization are prepared by the accounting firms by following the standards under GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles). GAAP is formed by setting rules under standard organizations such as FASB (Financial Accounting Standard Board) in the United States of America and the FRC (Financial Reporting Council) in the United Kingdom. In 2012 all of the major economies planned to follow the rules under IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards).

AAA ACCOUNTING is an organization that provides best accounting services under the observation of professional accountants. We are specialize in providing accounting, tax and bookkeeping services for small scale to medium level businesses. Complete accounting and financial files are prepared for an organization under the observation of professional accountants at very reasonable rates. Our accounting services will keep your accounting department secure and fully functional.

The major accounting services by AAA ACCOUNTING are categorized as follow:Annual Accounts (Usually prepared on the basis of financial

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records of the organization at the end of every years depends upon company`s or organization`s annual schedule)Management Accounts ( Usually prepared on monthly basis to check the complete accounting information of an organization, the monthly board meeting is also based on management accounts, an organization is not supposed to conduct a board meeting without management accounting reports.)Charity Accounts (Charity Accounts information of an organization depends upon the annual charity funds, donated by an organization, this fund can be an organization`s personal, either they donate more than the actual charity amount or donate the fixed amount after a year.)Bookkeeping (Bookkeeping services is made under the supervision of professional accountants which gives the complete accounting and payroll information of an organization which is helpful in making the financial reports of the company or an organization)

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