Most Common Mistakes on the Tax Return

HMRC may investigate an error or error on your tax return; this could be a genuine error when the taxpayer has taken “reasonable care” and is not a “deliberate” or “hidden” error. It is most likely due to a lack of knowledge when completing the tax return. However, taxpayers should be careful, as even genuine mistakes can lead to fines.

Tax Return Services in Barking takes a very close look at errors or errors on tax returns and deliberates whether the error or error was genuine or due to a lack of reasonable care or deliberate and hidden. The last two HMRC treats as the most severe and the fines can be one hundred percent of the tax owed and in the worst case, up to seven years in prison.

When processing tax returns, HM Revenue & aaaaccounting Customs has found that the ten most common mistakes are:

  1. A ‘yes’ mark was entered in one of the questions 1 through 9 on page 2 of the tax return, but the supplemental page was not submitted with the tax return.
  2. Do not fill in the self-employed pages, especially on page SEF4 from box 64 onwards.
  3. Itemize information at separate times instead of including the information in return.
  4. Enter handwritten notes on the return, that is, “by accounts” and/or “information to follow” instead of entering actual figures on the form.


  1. Failing to complete a separate supplemental page for each individual job.
  2. Enter the net amount of the employees’ personal pension premiums instead of the gross.
  3. Enter the capital expenditures figure in box 48 on the Self-Employment pages in lieu of capital allocations (i.e. claim excessive relief).
  4. Do not enter the details of the bank account in TR5 of the basic statement where a refund must be made. Revenues will assume that you want to leave the overpaid amount on your record, to be set against future liabilities; you have the right to choose.
  5. Enter your salary in box 1 of the employment schedule, but do not enter any deducted taxes in box 2.
  6. If you do not sign a paper statement, it will be rejected immediately.