Submitting Your VAT Return Online Accounting Program

Preparation is the key to ensuring your VAT Return Services in London are completed accurately and on time. Using a computerized accounting package that includes the ability to submit your VAT return online to HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs) directly from within the program should make the process very quick and easy as long as you do your accounts regularly, of course.

There are simple things you need to do to set up shipping online. You must register and sign up for VAT Return Services in London filing services through the HMRC website. Once you have registered your interest, an activation code will be mailed to you. According to the HMRC site, you don’t really have to wait even for that, but you can get started. Basically, follow all the instructions from HMRC, and you should soon be ready to submit your VAT return. A proper computerized accounting package will make it easy to send your VAT return directly to income. Submitting the VAT return can be done almost instantly with a click of a button. It is important to ensure that you use an accounting program that is compatible with HMRC’s online VAT refund system.

Once you’ve submitted your VAT return, you should see a kind of acknowledgment page with a unique HMRC receipt reference number. Take note of this; in fact, you should also print it out to save a hard copy of this important information (just as you would any important document). In fact, HMRC keeps copies of the data online for a certain number of months (at the time of writing, 15 months), but to ensure a good audit trail, you should make your own physical copies.

Since any UK business owner like needs to maintain accounts for at least 6 years by law, this is always a good idea. Once you have set up your email account to receive information from HMRC, you should also receive email confirmations, but check with HMRC if you have questions on how to do this.

Once registered with the online VAT refund services, the business will be able to request free email reminders when their returns are due.

Once you submit your return online, you will need to pay the amount of VAT due electronically. There are several methods available to pay the VAT due, including payment by direct debit, telephone/internet banking, or debit/credit card over the internet. The due date for payment will be shown on your online statement. Be sure to allow enough days for funds to reach HMRC before the deadline is met. 

Filing your VAT return online with can be particularly straightforward by using a good computerized accounting package that is compatible with HMRC’s online VAT system. In short, if you ensure that your business records are kept accurately and up-to-date throughout the year, and if you use a well-built, easy-to-use accounting program that is recognized by HMRC, you should be able to have 100% success in Getting those VAT returns sent online on time.