Tips to a Successful Tax Return

Having the right team of advisers is critical to achieving your financial goals faster than you ever thought possible. For most people, Tax Returns for Sole traders in Barking are the biggest expense.

All tax preparers are the same. “Tax Returns: Are They Really The Same?” You may surprised as other readers at how much tax return preparation can vary.

In fact, I calculated the average savings that I typically get from annual tax savings, reducing professional fees, and audit evaluations with In total, the average savings are:

  • $23,750 in annual tax savings
  • $5,000 savings on audit defense
  • $10,000 Reduced Savings in Audit Assessments
  •  50,000 Reduced legal fees
  • Reduced tax return preparation fees of $3,000

This is total average potential Tax Returns for Sole traders in barking savings of $ 91,750! Your tax preparer makes a difference!

How much could you do with these savings?

The right tax for you depends on what is important to you. 


How you answer to this question will affect the type of tax preparer you need on your team. I have asked these questions of clients, prospects, and colleagues. I’ve collected the most popular answers and what they mean to you when finding the tax preparer for your team.

Pay the least amount of taxes legally.

Your tax preparer must:

Know the tax legislation very well and know how to be creative legally.

Ask her many questions about her situation to understand her situation and her goals.

Have a review process in which at least one other person reviews your return solely for the purpose of legally reducing your taxes.

Who will work on my tax return?

It is very common (and good business practice) for tax preparers to have staff prepare your tax return. You want to sure the other people who work on your return have the same level of experience.

What is the review process for your tax return?

Tax preparers who focus on reducing their taxes will have this built into their review process. It usually involves having another experienced tax preparer review the return solely to find ways to reduce your taxes.

What would I differently do on my previous tax return?

Show the Tax Returns for Sole traders in Barking you are interviewing on your previous year’s tax return. Creative preparers of tax will be able to give you at least an idea of ​​what you can do to lower your taxes by looking at your tax return for just a few minutes. Don’t expect the preparer of tax to give you all the right away; that’s why you pay them!

How much you save me in taxes?

While it is difficult for any tax preparer to answer this in just a few minutes of looking at your old tax return, they may know if they can save you taxes after spending 30 minutes with you.