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Kevin Barry Age 18 and the Irish War of Independency

Updated on Grand 23, 2019

L M Reid


L.M.Reid is an Irish author who has promulgated many account articles on-line and in magazines.

An Irish Soldier at 15

Kevin Barry became combat-ready as a soldier in Dublin as a 15 twelvemonth old lad. At age 18 he was caught by the British Soldiers and standard the execution. He was hanged in Ride Joy Slammer in November 1920.

This is the floor of a medico in University College Dublin who died combat for the exemption of his state.

Kevin Barry | Beginning

The Lightlessness and Tans in Ireland

Dublin of 1920 was a terrific metropolis to subsist in if you were Irish because Britain made the laws in Ireland so. If a mortal was heard to verbalise in Irish they would be arrested and imprisoned. The masses of Dublin were not tied safety in their own beds. At any hour or dark any abode could be raided by the Melanise and Tans, the firm mangled obscure or the occupants arrested and interrogated.

Thither was likewise a curfew at nighttime with lonesome the strait of the British army lorries on the darkness streets looking ail. The citizenry in their houses would clutch their breaths until the lorries passed their street praying that they would not occlusion international where a fell maraud would start.

Irish War of Independency

This is the Dublin that Kevin Barry grew up in as a youth lad. It is why he became a soldier at 15 age aged to scrap for Irish exemption in 1920 during the Irish War of Independency. Kevin Barry was hanged by the British Regime in Dublin when he was but 18 days old.

Men, women, and children all made sacrifices during The Irish War of Independency. Irish men were interpreted from their homes by the British soldiers and subsequently base deadened in a bailiwick or binding alleyway. This was the air that the men of the volunteers were combat in. The Irish multitude had seen 16 men executed quatern age originally astern the 1916 Easterly Ascent. Their families were refused their bodies astern the executions for a Christian sepulture . Their bodies were hurriedly dumped in a cakehole, dug at the dorsum of Pergola Mound Prison .

Warm birdlime was added so thither would be no hypothesis of the families claiming the bodies subsequently.This is now a Home Repository in Bower Mound, Dublin, Ireland. Thither is a ceremonial held annually to keep their engagement and give for Irish exemption .

The Blacken and Tans

Melanise and Tans in Ireland

At the start of the twelvemonth more British soldiers came to livelihood fiat in Ireland. They were recruited from the many demobbed soldiers of the Kickoff Reality War in England. These men could not locate rachis into civilian living or habitue jobs.

Those recruited were offered £1 a hebdomad, which was rattling commodity pay at the reviews sentence, and the bump to ‘fight’ the Irish. Thither was a dearth of uniforms so they had to do with a assortment, of iniquity k jackets and khaki trousers. The Balmoral – cum – Beret was really classifiable. So they became known in Ireland as the Nigrify and Tans. By November 1920 they were in Dublin for ended six months and the steady British soldiers were start to survey their leading of barbarity.

Kevin Barry a Soldier at the age of 15

The Irish Volunteers had roughly 15,000 men, but rattling petty guns or ammo. They carried out a serial of raids from 1918 forrader to get the blazon from the British soldiers. At the clip of his halt Kevin Barry was perusal medicate at University College Dublin

He was beginning in ‘C’ Fellowship of the 1 st Pack and posterior transferred to ‘H’ Fellowship.

His commandant was Master Seamus Kavanagh. Kevin’s get-go duties were to return orders on his motorcycle ended the Dublin Metropolis. He so progressed to winning function in the raids on the soldiers for guns. He was an experient Offer when he was captured scorn lone organism 18 eld old.

Perusing to Suit a Physician

Barry won a Dublin Potbelly Learning to U C D by acquiring an Honours in halfway level when he was lonesome 16 with honours in fourth-year level the pursuit twelvemonth. His master in the Volunteers had asked him not to proceed the foray because he knew he had an examination at 2:00 pm that like day. But Kevin insisted that he would be ok and would cover in deal of metre.

Kevin Barry Arrested 1920 . | Root

Church Street Waylay

On September Twentieth 1920, British soldiers horde capable Church Street in Dublin 7. They were thither to gather their ration of boodle from Monks’s Bakehouse for Collinstown Clique. This is now the website of Dublin Drome. Earliest that daybreak 4 Irish Volunteers had interpreted complete the place in the Bakeshop disconnecting the telephone. They waited in the encompassing position streets for most 16 former volunteers were in key positions. Kevin Barry , Sean O’Neill, and Bob O’Flanagan were wait in billet to onset the camion.

The British soldiers were lading up the camion when they heard ‘ Cliff your rifles, endure your manpower.’ They were attacked by a grouping of xx Irish Volunteers. All but one soldier dropped their rifles. He pink-slipped a stab at the Volunteers and a gun engagement erupted. Individual Harold Washington was killed directly and two former British soldiers, Secret Marshal Milium and Secret Thomas Humphries died subsequently.

British Soldiers Dublin 1920 | Reference

The Untested Lad Below the Camion

Well-nigh of the Irish Volunteers ran done the streets and got by. Bob O’Flanagan had been injection in the brain but jumped into a cab. Another Offer picked up Bob’s cap afraid it would place him. It had around of Bob’s scalp silence inwardly it.

The British soldiers chop-chop blotto up their numb and maimed. They were cook to dispel when an old charwoman yelled at them to be deliberate as thither was a untried lad below the camion. They jumped out and grabbed the boy.

This was 18 Twelvemonth Old Kevin Barry

His gun had packed when he get-go began to pullulate. He rigid it, so began shot at the soldiers again. But it jam-packed a endorsement metre. He was prevarication on the reason concentrating on stressful to fix the gun when he completed the combat was o’er and the balance of the Volunteers has loose. He cursorily dived nether the camion so the soldiers would not see him.

He would hold outside with it if the old charwoman had not yelled for the soldiers to be heedful. They dragged him out and threw him into the rachis of the camion beside the numb soldier. The Irish push that had collected steamy the charwoman vocation her a double-crosser. She time-tested to differentiate them that she did not recognise what she was expression until it was too former, and was alone afraid that the camion would overrun the lad.

Auxiliaries and Melanise and Tans in Ireland

Raided Houses and Shops

Thither was topsy-turvyness astern the trap. More veritable British soldiers and Melanize and Tans arrived and shut off the streets. They raided nearby houses and shops. The gang that had collected ran for masking as they knew the British soldiers were looking hassle.

They searched the onlookers and treasured to cognize the names of the over-the-counter men. The store owners unopen their doors well-educated that the trap would be exploited as an explain for the Melanise and Tans to swag and scathe the domain.

Missive Scripted by Kevin Barry

Missive by Kevin Barry

Infirmary Discussion

Kevin Barry meantime was at the Barracks organism questioned. He told them his speak as 58 Southward Flier Route and his job as a medico. Beginning they told him he would be relinquish disengage if he gave the names of the over-the-counter men knotty.

He refused. They so began to agony him with six men in the way. He was threatened with a bayonet in his belly and his dorsum. When this did not employment he was thrown to the primer and two of the soldiers kicked him. His arm was distorted butt his backbone patch another soldier put his base on his dorsum and began to dig him.

This according to Kevin Barry himself went on for complete five-spot transactions. He requisite infirmary discussion for his arm for iv or fivesome years afterward. When he was transferred to Mountjoy Prison his arm was hush in a catapult. The prison officers at Mountjoy Prison in Dublin were all Irish and were good-hearted to Kevin.

They allowed his get to inflict him in prison below an dba as they knew the British would not let her in to see him if they knew who she was. They toughened him good spell he was thither.

The British Army had Mastery of the Tribunal

A new law called the ‘Restoration of Decree in Ireland Act’ came astir on Revered 9, 1920, approx. six weeks earlier the Bushwhack. This much gave the Army aggregate index concluded the law in Ireland. It was distinct that Kevin Barry would be tested nether this new law by Arcanum Judicature Warlike. The panel was made up of club officers and a Brigadier – Oecumenical called Onslow.

Kevin refused to bear a defense attorney because he would not agnize a British Courtroom. Kevin Barry was supercharged with leash counts of mangle. The manifest proven that the slug interpreted from one of the deadened soldiers was a .45-calibre.

All the witnesses declared that Kevin Barry was victimization a .38-caliber. The tryout lasted one day. At 8 o’clock that dark Kevin Barry was told he was ground shamefaced and was sentenced to be hanged. The implementation was set for November 1. Thither were five-spot or six attempts to deliver him by the Irish Volunteers but they failed.

Monument to Kevin Barry | Beginning

Citizenry Began To Cry

The prayers grew louder and multitude began to outcry Kevin Barry . A few hours earlier his last Kevin Barry was allowed to see his phratry and friends. On the cockcrow of the murder thither was a big herd of men, women and children praying for Kevin international Mountjoy Pokey.

He had washed-out the nighttime in the cubicle with a warder and two soldiers. He wrote a missive to his friends and folk. He went to bed at midnight and slept until he was woken at Kevin so had multitude and Sharing in the cubicle. The hangman from England and his assistants came into the cadre a few proceedings ahead 8.00 am. His blazonry were even unitedly.

Hanged in Mountjoy Immure

He walked betwixt the two priests towards the Bent Firm. The others followed buns him. At 8.00 am Mountjoy Prison buzzer rang. The prayers grew louder and citizenry began to cry. A few proceedings ulterior a prison functionary posted a sign the threshold.

It take, ‘The condemn of the law passed on Kevin Barry, plant shamed of hit, was carried into murder at 8.00 o’clock this morn.’

Kevin Barry

Irish War of Independency in 1920

When the old char saw the headline that Kevin Barry had been hanged at upright 18 age old, she screamed, ‘Oh Messiah! So they sustain hanged that nestling.’ She mat so shamed that she had a skittish dislocation. Kevin Barry was interred in the cause of Mountjoy Prison at 1:30 pm that day. A uncomplicated crossbreed pronounced the dangerous.

Club more Irish Volunteers were

hanged at Mountjoy Gaol patch combat-ready for Irish exemption during the Irish War of Independency by the British Governing until Ireland became a disengage province.

Commonwealth Funeral in Dublin in 2001

In October 2001, the cadaver of Kevin Barry and the bodies of niner otc Irish Volunteers who had been executed and inhumed at Mountjoy Prison were exhumed.

They were tending a Land Funeral with ennead of them organism inhumed at Glasnevin Graveyard in Dublin. The former one, Patrick Maher was inhumed in Limerick. The Taoiseach of Ireland, Bertie Ahern aforesaid during his delivery at the entombment ceremonial that “…. Ireland was discharging a debt of pureness that stretches rachis lxxx years….”


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